Carrier Sekani Family Services
Matt Smiley

FOR LOVE is a film of resilience and resurgence. Colonization has led to many adverse impacts on the Indigenous population of Canada – most significantly on familial and societal structures. Due to colonial regimes, Indigenous children are vastly overrepresented in the child welfare system. In 2018, the Minister of Indigenous Affairs deemed the issue “a humanitarian crisis.”

Travelling across the country, Indigenous people tell their heartbreaking stories to reveal the atrocities inflicted by the Canadian child welfare system. The film shines a light on what is happening right now. It details the horrors of the past and reveals how Indigenous communities are taking back jurisdictional control of their children in order to ensure that their unique and diverse cultures are preserved for generations to come.

Awakening a revived respect for the matriarchal system, we learn about the need to preserve traditional practices, land-based activities and grass roots initiatives in order to keep having a positive impact on children and families – not only reducing the number of apprehensions, but also renewing Indigenous pride.

Directed by Matt Smiley
Narrated by ‪@ShaniaTwain‬
Written by Mary Teegee, Matt Smiley
Produced by Mary Teegee, Matt Smiley
Executive Producers Warner Adam, Lindsay Eberts
Cinematography by Craig Hall, Valentin Vignet
Edited by Christine Meyer
Music by Mathieu Carratier
Senior Sound Designer Karen Baker Landers
Sound Designer Peter Staubli
Senior Supervising Colorist Maxine Gervais
Colorist Jeff Pantaleo
Trailer Brandon Lott
Production Companies Carrier Sekani Family Services Walk Tall Productions, Inc.