Branded Content Reel 2024

Cinematography and camera operation by Craig Hall. Clients include Spotify, A&E Networks, Xbox Live, SEGA, Intel, History, Sportsnet, Microsoft, and Magnolia Network. Special thanks to the clients and crew who made these branded content videos possible.

Our branded video content shoots are typically one to five days at a client’s location and usually involve myself as the Director of Photography and A-Camera Operator, a B-Camera Operator, one or two camera assistants, sound, grip and lighting technician(s) and a field producer. We collaborate with directors and client-side producers on site or remotely. While we maintain a small footprint, we offer a deep level or expertise and value, delivering well lit interviews and cinematic b-roll that result in high production value videos for our clients.

We shoot on Sony, Red, and Arri cameras using prime and/or zoom lenses and we can adapt out camera packages to suit the needs of the story.