The Beethoven Recordings – The Afiara Quartet

The Afiara Quartet: Valerie Li (1st Violin), Yuri Cho (2nd Violin), David Samuel (Viola), and Adrian Fung (Cello). Producer: Barry Schiffman
DOP & Editor: Craig Hall
2nd Camera: Glen Crawford
Audio Engineer: Winfried Lachenmayr
Assistant Engineer: LimWei
Mixing Engineer: Dominica Kotarba
Special Thanks: Brian Elliot of Storyboard Communications & James Sutherland of RMB Moving Pictures.
Produced by The Banff Centre.

As part of the Afiara Quartet’s ongoing project to record all the Beethoven string quartets – a truly ambitious task – I shot and edited this video for the group while they were at The Banff Centre over the summer of 2012. The promo uses the first movement of string quartet No 11 in F minor – one of the quartets that was recorded this summer.

Directed by Craig Hall

Craig Hall Visuals Reel 2016

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