Delour Exquise 

Vocals: Angela Sande
Flugelhorn: Taylor Barnett
Guitar: Hugh Stuckey
Drums: Nathan Elman-Bell
Bass: Pat Reid
Director & DOP: Craig Hall
Camera Operators: Morgan Brown, Aubrey Fernandez, & Craig Hall
Editors: Morgan Brown & Craig Hall
Supervising Engineers: Jim Anderson & David Gleeson
Principal Recording & Mixing Engineer: Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
Recording Engineers: Daniel Keinath & Dominica Kotarba

This is the second of two videos that were shot during the 2011 Jazz and Creative Music workshop held annually at The Banff Centre. It was a wonderful collaboration within Film & Media and along with the above credits, I’d like to thank Kerry Staufer and Theresa Leonard. I’d also like to thank Pat Reid for putting the group together.