Client: Microsoft BDX – Produced by Trifilm.

Project: Decoded Season II – General Fusion.


For this multi-cam shoot at the General Fusion facility in Burnaby, BC, I was hired by Trifilm from Seattle to be the Director of Photography on their host-driven tech series, Decoded for their long-term client, Microsoft. To create a clean crisp look for the tech show, and to tie in with their other episodes shot around North America, we shot with 3 Canon C300 Mk II’s with Fujinon Cabrio zooms, and 1 C300 Mk II with Canon CN-E primes on a Movi Pro. 

The General Fusion location in Burnaby was a large, high-tech warehouse lit by around 1,000  fluorescents. With limited time and budget to replace these, we turned off the most offensive bulbs and used the Arri Skypanels to dial in the green and then white balance the cameras. This was my first time using the Skypanels and was really impressed by their punch, usability, and overall quality of light – super easy, especially in a fast moving documentary/commercial environment.

For the final setup, we shot a two-person interview with 4 cameras in front of a fusion test reactor and was able to use two Skypanels to key the subjects, and then fill in with KinoFlos and beadboard. The host, Trifilm and Microsoft were very pleased with the result, especially given the tight timeline to pull everything together and deliver a professional crew and shoot.


Directed by Craig Hall

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'Take It Slowly' by Xani Kolac

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