Project: Indie Music Residency – Half-Hour Documentary
Client: The Banff Centre
Role: Faculty Director

During the Banff Centre’s 2013 Indie Band music residency, I directed a documentary on the art of musical collaboration. Mixing four up-and-coming indie bands with classically-trained musicians, we explored different aspects to musical creation and performance, and then various approaches and challenges to collaboration, both as individual musicians and as groups. With interviews from leaders in musical collaboration such as Kevin Drew, Charles Spearin, Hal Willner, and David Pay, and some creative collaborations by the musicians, I hope there’s something for both musicians and non-musicians in this behind-the-scenes documentary.

Directed by Craig Hall

Manny Osborne-Paradis Injury Recovery 2011/12 Season

The 2012 Canmore Folk Music Festival

VR Cablecam Test with Insta 360 Pro.

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