Award Winning Music Video “Painted Black”

Winner – Best Editor (Drama under 30 minutes) at 2013 AMPIA Awards
Winner – Best Use of Film, Animation, or Special FX at 2013 Digital Alberta Awards

During the Indie Band residency at The Banff Centre in the Fall of 2011, I was fortunate enough to meet Airick Woodhead and steal 4 hours from his insanely busy schedule to create an experimental video for his piece, Painted Black. We spent the first couple of hours with a GoPro attached above his head, playing around the woods in Banff, and then went into the TV studio with nothing but a VHS Pro camera and 4 strobe lights.

A little bit about the process…
I should emphasize that this is a fan video and not the official video for this song. However, after using it as a tool to experiment with various glitching effects, which seemed to suit both Airick and the music, I wanted to share it. Most of the graphics were created by glitching the VHS tape during the logging process and the process came about accidentally. I noticed that each time I started and stopped the tape, I would get a tiny glitch effect. So I repeated this process many many times and stitched them all together before laying them in a timeline and blending them together. Then using Sound Keys (by Trapcode) to reveal other layers, some Data Glitch (by Rowbyte), and some colour effects with Magic Bullet Looks, I was able to create this video.

Directed by Craig Hall

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