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Director of Photography
I am passionate about creating strong visual stories with stunning imagery and have the in-depth technical knowledge of HD and Digital Cinema camera systems required to light for field and studio productions, including green screens. I believe that camera and lighting must serve the overall story and leverage┬ámy knowledge of lenses and camera formats to support production goals. I also have a clear understanding of 3D LUT’s and how to process digital footage in post production. Whether it is a commercial or a documentary project, I will collaborate with the director to determine the camera and lighting requirements that work with their producer’s budget.

Adventure Cameraman
Having spent many years adventuring around the world, I have combined my passion for the outdoors with my camera skills and often work as an adventure cameraman for broadcast tv series, adventure documentaries, and commercials. I bring climbing and rope skills as well as outdoor skills to productions, along with a sheer enthusiasm for capturing the story, no matter where we need to place the camera! Often saved by GoPro’s, I’m perfectly comfortable being strapped to the side of a cliff in the middle of nowhere, or accessing remote areas to capture stunning timelapses.

Camera Operation & Videography
Whether it is broadcast tv show, a documentary, or a corporate event, I am experienced in operating ENG and Digital Cinema cameras for both single and multi-cam shoots. I have also shot multi-cam music performances and am available to work as part of your team, or assemble a team of camera operators for your next event.

Directed by Craig Hall

'Deloure Exquise' by Pat Reid.

Canon C300 Colour Grading Sample

Beethoven String Quartet No.11 in F minor 'Serioso', performed by The Afiara Quartet.

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