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Two Tools for Writing More Engaging Video Scripts

Whether you’re new to writing video content or have already written a few scripts, here are a couple of extra tools that’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff and put pen to paper – more importantly, these simple tools will help you organize your content so...

Ten Reasons To Tell Your Story With Video.

Whether you’re an artist discussing your latest work, a sponsor promoting your athlete’s achievements, or a marketing manager about to launch a new product, online video provides a rich, engaging medium to tell your story and connect with your audience.  Follow The...

Why Rebirth Matters.

Welcome to a new website, a new company name, and essentially, a new way of thinking. After eighteen incredible and inspiring months at Canada's leading arts institute, The Banff Centre, I've taken the winter to decide how to re-enter 'real world' production. Anyone...

Directed by Craig Hall

The 2012 Canmore Folk Music Festival


Sample Corporate/HR Video - A Day in The Life of a Land Surveyor

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