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I direct broadcast tv, commercials, documentaries, and music videos for clients across North America and Europe. As a director, my focus is story-driven, non-fiction content such as documentaries, product videos, and corporate videos though I also create visual and experimental content for musicians, artists, and events. I am passionate about developing strong narrative arcs and come prepared with well conceived storylines. I know what needs to be achieved in pre-production for production days to run well, and I know what I need to achieve on set to acquire the narrative elements for the shoot – I also know when to step back and let the story unfold. 

Broadcast TV Director
I have spent many hours directing non-fiction lifestyle content for broadcasters in Canada and the States. As a director, I started in food and real estate, and now combine my passion for the outdoors by directing adventure documentary stories. I aim to tell authentic, human stories that dig beneath the surface to reveal the why and how behind the story, while making sure that our characters and settings serve the narrative. As a director, I believe that the best stories are told by setting up the right people with the right task in the right location at the right time. I look for through-lines with our characters and initiate means to develop a narrative arc, as well as taking into consideration the atmosphere of locations to enhance storylines

Commercials Director
From concept to production, I provide producers and agencies with a vision to tell their story and connect with their audience. As a director, I provide treatments that clearly describe the vision as well as how to achieve their objective. As with broadcast, my focus is mostly non-fiction, with a keen attention for detail that is often required for high-end product video production. For narrative commercial pieces, I am passionate about developing strong concepts and then working with the producer or agency to acquire the right talent and locations to deliver a high production value commercial.

Documentary Film Director
As a documentary film director, I am both passionate and curious about exploring human stories on camera. Leveraging cinema-verite techniques, once a situation is rolling, I often stand-back to let the natural action unfold, noting content that needs to be explored in interview settings. Understanding what situations to film, how to set them up for camera, and how to work with real people is a skill I’ve developed over the past ten years of filmmaking. During research, if possible, I will often put myself through the situation of the subject or subject matter so that I can physically and emotionally experience the story. This creates a better understanding and empathy for the subject matter, and I believe this results in a more human story for the documentary, whether short or long-format.

Music Video Director
Music was my world for many years and I feel a strong connection to musicians when creating music videos. I often try to incorporate their musical and compositional style in my work, and even use their music to generate audio-reactive visuals for their project. This approach has garnered me with several awards and has created a unique aesthetic. I am particularly interested in working with indie, jazz, and classical musicians, as well as electronic artists. Whether the video is a single camera single artist song, or a multi-cam live performance, I am cued into their music and represent their art as best possible in the visual medium.

Directed by Craig Hall

'Take It Slowly' by Xani Kolac

CMH Heli-Skiing Take Flight - Full Length

I'll Be Seeing You. Music by Sammy Fain, Lyrics by Irving Kahal

Craig Hall director for studio shoot with Thule.

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