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Director of Photography

Craig Hall is passionate about painting with light to create strong visual images that both serve the story and deliver compelling content to the audience. In collaboration with the director and producer, Craig is meticulous in his planning for a wide range of shoots, from EPK and Promos to product videos and commercials, music and fashion, and documentary and broadcast.

Craig can light naturalistically or expressively, in studio and field settings, and is experienced at collaborating with gaffers and camera crews to manage the live action side of your production. With in-depth knowledge of digital cinematography, Craig has a clear understanding of the overall workflow and technicalities of video production and help drive a clear aesthetic on set. 

Beyond production, Craig can work with DIT’s and colorists to ensure that a desired look is managed correctly throughout production and into post. 


Directed by Craig Hall

Craig Hall Showreel 2021

Canon C300 Colour Grading Sample

Beethoven String Quartet No.11 in F minor 'Serioso', performed by The Afiara Quartet.

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