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Camera Operator

Craig is a skilled camera operator with several years experience shooting with ENG and Digital Cinema camera systems. Whether operating handheld, on sticks, or on a dolly or slider, Craig connects the audience to the scene through precise and smooth camera movement. And with a wide range of shooting experiences, Craig is as comfortable shooting solo in wilderness settings as he is shooting on large sets as part of a multi-camera crew.

In addition to handheld shooting, Craig is experienced with camera wheels and working with a range of gimbals and remote heads to bring professional camera movement to your production. Other special skills include:

  • MoVi Pro and Gimbal operation.
  • Adventure Shoots, including mountain travel, remote location, and rock climbing.
  • Winter Shoots, including shooting while snowboarding and accessing mountain locations with ice climbing.
  • Camera wheels for remote heads.
  • Motion control. 

Craig is experienced with the following camera systems, shooting with both zooms and primes. 

  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Arri Amira
  • Canon C300 Mk II and C700
  • Red Monstro and Weapon
  • Sony FS7, F55, and Venice

Directed by Craig Hall

The 2012 Canmore Folk Music Festival

VR Cablecam Test with Insta 360 Pro.

Craig Hall Visuals Reel 2016

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