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About Craig Hall

I’m an award-winning filmmaker with fifteen years experience in commercial, documentary, and broadcast tv production. I’ve worked in many areas of the industry and and now direct, light, shoot, and edit video content for a variety of clients across North America and Europe. I primarily work in adventure sports and travel, shooting mountain sports, tourism, and product videos. I’m also a musician and photographer and I have a strong passion for music videos, video art, and documentaries and spend whatever free time I have creating my own video and stills artwork.

I spent several years working in all aspects of the industry, from gripping and rigging to 1st AD’ing and Production Management. After managing several tv series for the Food Network, HGTV and Discovery Channel, along with music videos and commercials, I decided to make a lateral shift to the creative and technical side of the industry. Studying at the world-renowned Banff Centre in Canada, I gained technical skills in HD and Digital Cinema cameras, lighting skills for field and studio shoots (including green screen), and most importantly, started developing my own aesthetic and visual style.

I’m passionate about creating strong narratives with stunning visuals where sound, music, and performance all come together to create a memorable experience –  capturing these moments on film is my goal. In more recent years, I have become involved with the avante-garde world of expanded human voice and the Roy Hart Theatre, and while this might sound irrelevant, I now apply this work to directing and it has vastly improved my storytelling, approach to narrative, and ability to work with on-camera talent.

We are each our own aesthetic, and if we work on ourselves and grow, so does our aesthetic. When applied to production, I step into the world of the subject as much as possible so that I can understand what needs to be communicated, and how best to capture their story on camera. It requires removal of judgment, empathy, and effort, but the results, I believe, speak for themselves.

My personal projects currently include audio-reactive generative video art, and a long-form documentary about the human voice.




2015 – Nomination Best Cinematographer, Non-Fiction under 30 minutes; 

2015 – Nomination Best Film; Digital Alberta.

2013 – Winner Best Use of Film, Animation, or Special FX; Digital Alberta.

2013 – Winner Best Editor, Drama under 30 minutes, AMPIA.

2012 – Nominee Best Editor, Drama under 30 minutes, AMPIA

Film Festivals

2017 – “Conquering Ghost Ice” Selected as Finalist for Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF), Canada. 

2017 – “Conquering Ghost Ice” Selected as Finalist for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, UK

2017 – “Muni” Selected for Fernie Mountain Film Festival, BC, Canada.

2017 – “Muni” Selected for Peebles Outdoor Film Festival, Scotland.

2016 – “Conquering Ghost Ice” Selected as Finalist for Banff Mountain Film Festival, Canada.

2016 – “Muni” Selected as Finalist for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, UK.

2015 – “Muni” Selected as Finalist for Banff Mountain Film Festival, Canada.

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